The Importance of a Spare Car Key: Tips and Advice

spare car keys

Your original keys can help you get into your car. But what if you lock out yourself or the keys get stolen? This is where you will spare keys. Spare keys help you in unwanted situations where you don’t have the original key. If you don’t create a backup, you will need to get help from an automotive locksmith, which can cost you money. So, if you don’t want to spend extra money, get a spare key. 

Why Do You Need a Spare Key? 

A spare key is like a back up plan for you. As your primary key can be misplaced, stolen or locked inside your car. In such situations, a spare key will come to your rescue. It will help you get into the car without needing to call for a tow truck or a locksmith hence saving you money. 

But you may still have to do that if you put your primary key and the spare key in the same keychain. So, remember to put both keys in separate locations. To keep things safe, you can keep the backup key with a trusted friend or a family member.  

What are the Benefits of a Spare Key?

There are many ways you can lose your primary key, such as by damaging it or dropping it into water. Here are four benefits that backup keys provide in unwanted circumstances: 

Save Time

If you lose your car keys you may contact an automotive locksmith. But it is not guaranteed how long it will take for the help to arrive and solve your solution. And sometimes you cannot get an on spot solution. As it can take hours to create a new key and code it to your car’s computer. But if you have a spare key you can save time and hassle and get along with your tasks with ease. 

Save Your Money 

If you have a spare key, you can easily create more copies without spending extra. Just go to a key-cutting shop and get another copy of the spare key. 

If you don’t have a spare, the only option you have is to get a new car key, which will cost you more money. So, if you want to save money in the future, get a spare key today. 

It’s Convenient for More Drivers 

If two or more persons are using your car, a spare key becomes more essential for you. An extra key will help each of you easily use the car without juggling one key between you and your partner. 

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Security if a key is stolen

A stolen car key is one of the most unwanted scenarios. But in this case, a spare key will help you out. You just need to grab the backup key and get to your car before the thief. Now, you can drive your vehicle to a safe location, call for an automotive locksmith, and get a new key installed. 

What to Do if You Lose Your Car Key?

The first thing to do after losing your key is to call an automotive locksmith. Taking help from a professional can help you solve your issue effectively and quickly. However, you’ll need to pay the fee after the job is done. 

In case you have locked out yourself, try not to do the following as it can increase your expenses: 

  • Breaking the window to open the door 
  • Damaging the lock to open the door 
  • Trying different tricks to get into the car 

If you do the above, you will not only increase your expenses, but you can also get in trouble. 

How to Keep Your Spare Key? 

Keep it Hidden: it is ideal to keep your spare key hidden. You can keep them inside a box or somewhere others cannot find them. 

Keep it With You: If you can carry the spare keys with you all the time then you can keep them with you. Just remember not to leave inside the car otherwise you may still lock out yourself. 

Keep it Safe: Keep your extra car key in a secure location where you won’t misplace it when not in use. Keeping it among other vital documents, such as your birth certificate or passport, is a wise choice.

How to Get a Spare Key? 

How does it feel to stand out of your vehicle when you’re locked out? Or what can you do when your original keys are lost? In such scenarios back up keys come to the rescue. They allow you to quickly get into your car and go wherever you want to. You’ll need to stand in one place and wait for hours to get your key. 

So, do you need a spare key for your car? If yes then feel free to call AlaBaster Locksmith.

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