What are Some of the Best Combination Locks You May Consider Purchasing in 2021


Getting a high-quality lock can save you the hassles of combating issues of your locking device getting picked. Lock picking has become a common theft scenario in the United States and every now and then we hear news of burglary attempts taking place in our very own neighborhood. When that happens, we all feel very much concerned about the security of our own premises and we want to find the right way to make sure our premises are well secured and protected. It’s where the best combination locks come into play. If you want to take the best security measures & ensure that those security measures are for good, get the best combination locks for your premises. So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best combination locks for purchase. 

Best Combination Locks to Consider Purchasing in 2021 

Puromo 4 Digital Padlock 

Whether you’re at the gym, school or your job, Puromo 4 Digit Padlock is the best addition to your locksmith solutions. Here’s a lock that is great for adding maximum security for your belongings at your premises. It can easily fit in any ¼ inch shackle opening. You can use more than 10,000 different combinations where breaking the code can pose a somewhat challenging. The lock is made of zinc alloy & good quality steel. It is a strong lock and can endure brute force attacks without breaking a sweat. 

The lock comes in a pack of two where you can use one to lock your home and the other at the gym. When it comes to affordability and ease of access, Puromo is a great lock for general purpose. 

Master Lock 1500iD 

If you can forget numbers, then the Master Lock 1500 ID offers you a more convenient way of locking/unlocking. The following combination lock comes with a directional locking mechanism where you can press different directional codes to simply set a combination of your choice. There are four directional options on the lock to choose from: Up, Down, Left & Right. Now add a code in any direction you want by pressing the directional keys in any sequence. Master Lock 1500 ID is an industrial grade lock with a metal body and a reinforced steel shackle. 

The lock can be used on a variety of doors, gates, barn doors, gym lockers and other similar places. 

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KeyGuard SL590 

KeyGuard SL590 lets you choose whether you wish to add numbers or letters while setting the code of your lock. It has a keypad with raised buttons which allows you the perfect accessibility to add lock codes as per your requirement. The vault is made up of metal material enclosed within an ABS plastic which ensures your doors & other exterior places remain scratch-free. Also, the ABS plastic adds robustness to the overall lock design and does not compromise on your security. While it’s not the best portable option, KeyGuard SL590 is still one of the reliable locks in the market which can provide you good security. 

Want to lock away your small valuables while you’re away from home? KeyGuard is definitely among the best options. 

Delswin Combination Disc Locks 

Want to keep the burglars away from your personal belongings? Delswin combination disc locks can be your best bet. Here’s a lock type where the entire lock body is made up of stainless steel material. It means no matter how harsh the weather conditions are outside or how moist the internal atmosphere is, your lock is going to stay free from corrosion. The shackle also leaves very little space for thieves to cut through it which makes it quite an excellent lock design. You can set the lock combination by rotating mechanical dials on the lock. If you are in the rental homes business or you drive a truck often, the Delswin combination disc lock is indeed one of the recommended locks for your premises. 

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