How to Prepare Your Home for the Hurricane Season?


Hurricane season is just around the corner and if you live near the coast or anyplace that’s more prone to hurricanes then it’s best that you prepare yourself before time. People often prepare for their safety and evacuation but what they often overlook is the fact that they have to come back home too. This is where securing your home becomes extremely important. To ensure complete safety, today we’ll be jotting down some tips about how to prepare your home for the hurricane season. 

Starting with; 

1-Always Have An Emergency Plan 

Even though people are informed about hurricanes before time, it’s still never enough. In other words, it’s never too early to prepare yourself for a hurricane. One of the most important things is to have a proper emergency plan. From where you are going to go to how you’ll reach there and how you’ll manage the communication in case everyone gets separated, you are supposed to figure it all out. This way, even if you are caught off guard, it’ll be easier for you to handle the emergency situation. 

2-Yard Maintenance Is Of Utmost Importance 

Debris seems harmless right? But guess what? It isn’t and the debris you see around in your yard can be extremely dangerous for your house when there’s a hurricane. From breaking windows to putting a huge hole in the walls, it can do much more damage than you can imagine. So the wiser thing to do is to always keep your yard clean and focus on yard maintenance. Trim down your bushes and trees and clean the gutters regularly to avoid any serious home damage. 

3-Check For Leaks 

Checking for leaks to cleaning the yard, should all be a part of your daily routine. The minor leaks you see today can cause major damage and especially due to the heavy rains after the hurricane, you’ll start seeing new and bigger leaks all-around your house. So even if the leak seems minor, get it fixed on time and opt for a regular inspection of your house so that you are not prepared. 

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4-Prepare Yourself For Long Power Outages 

Power outages are the worst part of hurricanes and even though this is the last thing that you’d want to happen, it still will and the outages can last up to weeks. This is where you need an emergency plan because it’s difficult to operate without electricity. You are supposed to have a generator or some other plan to deal with these power outages. Also, always have some non-perishable food that’s ready to go in case of any natural disaster. 

5-Securing Your Doors And Windows  

The most important of all tips is to ensure that your locks are strong enough and your windows and doors are all secure so that the hurricane can do as little damage inside the house as possible. Change the locks if they are old and worn out or call a locksmith to upgrade your locks because, during a hurricane, you have to do all you can do to keep the wind out. Your locks should be strong enough to keep your doors and windows closed even if the wind is too strong. 

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