Simple Ways To Add Security For a Safer Home

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It is quite alarming when we see reports on how families became victims of a burglary in their homes. Reports show that there are a lot of housebreaking incidents around the United States – According to FBI records, almost 62.8% of these happened on residential properties.  

Home is supposed to be our haven. It is a place where we feel calm, secure, and stress-free – but with the incidents happening around us – we must do something to make sure that our home is still the safest place on earth. Adding security to our home is a great idea to give a wide berth to these traumatic experiences. Here are some ways to secure your home.

Secure Your Home: 10 Simple and Affordable Ways

  • Let There Be Light

Put lights outside and on the landscape of your house. Many burglars, thieves, and criminals avoid the public eye – they don’t want to be in the limelight, and they would think twice if they would choose your home as a target. 

You may consider putting a motion sensor light to add security as it is viewed to be a more effective and energy-saving option. 

  • Get Rid Of Hiding Spots

Shrubs and tall bushes are potential hiding spots for criminals. It is best to trim them down or maintain them regularly. If your backyard has other stuff like a play house or tents for kids that could likely be a hiding place for burglars, consider pointing lights on those items.

  • Upgrade The Lock of Your Door

Criminals would initially try to open the front door of the house. So, your front door must be your top priority. Check if your locks are working, and if possible, upgrade them to smart locks – you can contact Your Alabaster Locksmith to understand more options. 

Check the stability of your doors – if you are not satisfied; replace them with a more solid and sturdy material.    

  • Avoid Hiding Key in An Obvious Place

We are used to hiding keys under the doormat, flower pot, or a fake rock in front of our doorways – it’s best to get rid of this practice. Most criminals are aware of these hiding places. The best thing to do is ask your local locksmith to make enough spare keys for all the adults in the family. 

  • Assess Your Window

Your window is one of the easy access points of your home. You must regularly check the mechanical assembly of your windows to ensure that they still function. If not, replace them immediately. You may also consider putting thorny bushes in front of your windows to add security. These bushes can give those criminals a hard time checking and breaking in through your windows.

  • Secure Your Garage

Some criminals know that garages are sometimes left unsecured. This place of the house can provide them with a more convenient place to work on the break-in. Don’t let them use it this way. Religiously lock your door to and from the garage. You can even secure your garage doors by upgrading their locking mechanism. Your local locksmith can give you a suggestion for this.

  • Consider Security Systems

Security Systems are not necessarily expensive. There are lots of options in the market that you can choose from. You can have a security system that agrees with your budget that could complement your concerns and needs.

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  • Meet All The Family Members

It is better to educate the family members and give them the responsibility to follow the routine and safety practices in the house. Give them some points such as follows:

  • Do not entertain strangers.
  • Always lock the doors and windows when leaving the house.
  • Do not let the valuables be visible from the outside.
  • Close and lock the door of the garage at all times.
  • Decide a safe place for everyone in case of emergency.
  • Inform Local Police Department

When your family is traveling out of town, it is always better to inform the local authority that nobody’s home. In this case, they will be alert in case any suspicious activity happens.

  • Keep Your Ladders Hidden

Most burglars pretend to be construction workers to avoid suspicion among the neighbors. Your ladder may serve as their way to pretend that they are repairing something in your house. Don’t let them use that. Keep them hidden. 

Planning and taking action is the best way to achieve a secure home. The different ways mentioned above are just suggestions to make your home a safer place. 

Security still depends on how you’re going to act. Your Alabaster Locksmith is here to assist you in any security system you may require. We provide comprehensive residential locksmith services in Alabaster, and we are ready to assist you any time of the day. Call us now.

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