4 Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt

replacing deadbolts

Do you know that more than half a billion break-in incidents in the United States take place because someone has access to your door locks? 

Whether you’re concerned that someone might have access to the locks at your premises or you have just encountered a break-in event, one way or the other, it’s time you should consider changing those locks. 

Getting locks rekeyed is one of the fastest ways to secure your premises. 

But what about those deadbolts which were forced open? Are you planning to get them changed as well? 

Well here are four questions we believe everyone should ask before replacing a deadbolt. 

Is Your Door Type & Deadbolt Complimenting? 

When you’re planning to get a deadbolt for your home or your office doors, checkup on the door quality first. If your door is a hollow wood type, then you must consider choosing a deadbolt which is of superior quality. After all, you would want your door to remain in place, at least the deadbolt will keep it in place. However, it is recommended that if your door is weak then you should first consider getting a solid wood or steel door. At least, a strong door will ensure it is not easily breakable by any intruder trying to force into your premises. Coupled with a strong deadbolt, there’s hardly a chance that someone would ever get a chance to break-in. 

Do You Want a Mechanical or Electrical Deadbolt? 

The market has plenty of deadbolt options ranging from mechanical deadbolts to electrical deadbolts. While many people who are living in modern homes or smart homes prefer multiple features in a deadbolt which they can easily get from an electrical deadbolt, others simply want the old traditional sturdy designs to secure their homes. So it’s all up to you what your requirement. Do you want a deadbolt with additional features for hassle-free door access or do you want something that’s sturdy & rigid to provide maximum protection? Either way, both deadbolts are present in abundance and in different qualities. Choose one that matches your exact needs. 

Do You Consider Home Aesthetics Important?

Without a doubt, safety and security are the most important considerations. However, if you are the kind of person who does like to pay attention to home aesthetics, then finding a deadbolt which can complement your home decor becomes imminent. There are certain deadbolt options available in the market which offer you sleek style alongside the perfect elegance. Don’t have the time to go around shopping for deadbolts? Well, you can always ask your local locksmith to choose one for you. 

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Is it a DIY job or Will a Locksmith Be of Great Help? 

Although, there’s no harm in installing a deadbolt yourself but only if you’re the expert and you have the standard tools for doing so. Well if you don’t have either, it won’t cost you much to hire a professional locksmith. They have ample experience in changing deadbolts and rekeying locks. In fact, they can provide you plenty of other options to ensure your home or office remains permanently secured. 

At Your Alabaster Locksmith, we bring only top-of-the-line products to ensure your home or commercial place remains absolutely secure from intruders. We have professional locksmiths who can add the perfect security to your homes, so why not opt-in for the right guys? Let us secure your perimeter once & for all. 

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